Sunday, 11 August 2013

So I decided to upload straight away. Might as well keep up :)

                         Um..okay then? Anyway, they were getting robbed, on their first night. -.-
                                         Then this guy decided he would age up before leaving.
                                                                    Happy Birthday?
                                                  Burglar: I was getting my own present.
                                                                       Yeah right.
Evelyn woke Yukio up after she spotted the burglar outside of the window.
They automatically hugged :3 <3
Yukio: I'm only hugging you so I can have a nice lunch for work tomorrow *derpy derp*
Evelyn: Fuck of Yukio, I'm going to spit in your sandwich if you don't protect me.
They both called the police, Yukio you wimp.
Policeman: Why did you call the police when there is nobody here? You kids and your pranks!
Woah there. Yukio is telling the truth. The burglar had a nice age up though.
Yukio: I-I'm sorry! I am telling the truth I swear! He aged up in front of out house and he had a noise maker that he probably stole too! My wife saw him with her own eyes!
Yukio: I-I'm not go-going to get arrested am I?
Who can arrest someone with that cute face standing in octopus underwear?!
Policeman: No but you will go to court.
Well geez, don't look so happy about it.
Yukio: dontcrydontcrydontcrydontcry
Aww look at your liccle work uniform!
Yukio: Why do I have to do the dishes?
Because you promised your wife you would let her sleep in after last night. 

Um, you could of just pulled your sleeves up..
Yukio: Well to fuckin' late now my sleeves are wet and I have to go to work soon *continues mumbling*
Evelyn: Hehehe I'm a turtle.
Now for a Evelyn spam.
Evelyn: Blah, blah, blah.
Evelyn: Jazz Hands!
Evelyn: Your cheating on me?! SOMEBODY CUE THE EASTENDERS THEME!
Oh gawd
Evelyn: What are you looking at you weirdo?
One does not simply call their Creator/Godess/Creeper a weirdo.
Evelyn: They see me rollin', they hatin'.
Lovely. Wait Boyd. Don't speed up. No.
Evelyn: Hey best friend. What. Is. That.
Justine: Oh its my son, isn't he.....lovely.
Baby Keaton: Derpy
Aww look at her uniform.
This was not planned.
Justine: Wtf happened?
Lets leave these two lovebirds to get it ooon ;)
Yukio: Hehehehehe
Evelyn: Excuse me, you just - oh :)
Yukio: And you see that star there?
Evelyn: Yer
Yukio: I bought it and named it Eve, just for you.
Evelyn: You didn't have to Yukio, we hardly have money as it is.
Yukio: I did have to, I wanted to treat you, and I never got you a wedding gift.
Evelyn: Yukio?

Yukio: Mhm
Evelyn: I love you
Yukio: I love you too
The next morning, Eve started feeling really clammy and weird.
Evelyn: Am I dying?
Not on my watch your not.
Evelyn: Well that's a baby.
Well that's a baby indeed.
And that's why I'm ending it here :)
Question of the chapter: Who is your favourite, Evelyn or Yukio? :)

Introducing The Vines!

Hey guys! Welcome to my first EVER legacy! If I do well tell me so I know people are enjoying it and if you don't enjoy it just tell me what you don't like :)

First off, let me introduce our founders - wait, before I do that, let me tell you what the first generation rolled!

Generation 1

Yukio Vine & Evelyn Vine
Family Structure: Couple
Children: 4 (lets hope for no multiples on the last two..)
Primary Income: Singer
Secondary Income: Medical
Generation Goal: Fufilled (Fufill life time wish for both sims and any wants promised)
Miscellaneous Fun: Live Your Trait

Now, finally, we can start!

Introduciiiiiing, Yukio Vine and Evelyn Vine!

Evelyn Vine:
Insane, Artistic, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Natural Cook
Lifetime wish: Renaissance Sim

Yukio Vine:
Handy, Frugal, Flirty, Workaholic, Family-Oriented
Lifetime wish: World Renowned Surgeon

 Yukio and Evelyn ran away from their homes in Hidden Springs. When they were teenagers, Yukio moved there from Japan along with his family. Evelyn grew up in Hidden Springs with a family that couldn't care less about her. Yukio and Evelyn slowly became best friends, occasionally hanging out in the cleaners cupboard in school at lunch. Yukio's family were posh, rich and a bunch of snobs who never approved of Evelyn. Evelyn's family hardly knew she existed, they only cared about her older brother, who brought in money from being high up in his job. When they both left school, Yukio's parents decided to move back to Japan along with Yukio, so he didn't waste his life on a girl like Evelyn. Yukio didn't tell Evelyn until the day he was to move, but when he did tell her, he realised he had feelings for her and she did too. Yukio grabbed his suitcase and Evelyn grabbed the few possessions she had and they made a run for it. As far as they could go with the money Yukio had from his Graduation. They got to Sunset Valley and bought a small house near the centre.

From inside their new home, with their new life, they then decided that they were to start a new family, that will go on for generations and have only one rule - to be happy.

So lets get started!

     ''Heheheheheh we gettin' away with this shit!''

Yup, you are...I hope.

I set her out to go make some new friends, Yukio is at home joining the Medical career (so we can get some dosh) and increasing his Logic skill...and to make that brain HUGE!

Connor Frio: I don't care what anyone else thinks, I think your hot!
Eve: Well yeah I know I'm hot but that's because I am wearing way to much layers.
Connor: No I mean your should try wearing less layers *licks lips*
Eve: Oh well if you mean that then I'm pretty sure my husband would mind . Hey, are you hungry? I went past a diner on the way here?
Oh Evelyn.
Evelyn: Hi! I recently moved here, into a new house!
Justine Keaton: New house!? Me two I moved houses so there is room for my ba-
Evelyn: No, no, no, we are talking about MY house.
There goes making friends down the drain.
Awkward conversation mode activated.
Justine: Have you got any children? I'm having some of my own.
Evelyn: Not yet but my Master told me in a dream I am to have four kids before I die.
I prefer the term God, Eve...wait
Justine: *dontlookscareddontlookscareddontlookscared*
She secretly wants to be Eve's best friend (or I will force her but who cares how she becomes her friend) ;)
I had her work on her guitar skill so it can count towards her lifetime wish, get us some money with tips and also so she can use it during her concerts. She looks good at it but she's crap.
Evelyn: Omg I am good at this!
Kay Langerak: Kill me now...
Evelyn, are you okay? You look constipated?
Evelyn: Fuck off, I'm working my magic.
When's it gonna happen?
Evelyn got a big crowd but when I looked around Cornelia Goth was all alone in the alley, in the dark. Story Progression told me that her and her husband had a argument. Deep down I felt sorry for her, Cornelia Goth is forever alone.
Then I couldn't be bothered with her and went back to watching Evelyn play guitar :)
I sent Evelyn dumpster diving when she got two skills playing guitar, but we found it occupied by Tamara Donner.
Evelyn: Hey, um, I'm Evelyn, is this dumpster taken or?
Tamara: No, no, you have it. I'm Tamara by the way, local friend to everyone. I'll keep a look out for you just in case any police come. Enjoy Eve, can I call you Eve?
Evelyn: Yeah my friends used to call me Eve. Thanks for keeping an eye open for me.
Tamara: No problem, I'm part of the group, the rest are over there.
To my surprise there was a group close by. Looks like Dorie wants to slay a dragon, Bebe wants more money from work and Victoria wants to lead a protest? That's what I think anyway, judge me.
She did keep a look out. Though I might stay away from her..
Even though she stank so bad she decided to eat first. That would be my choice too actually. Why is the stench white? Isn't it normally green?  Oh well, I dig it.
 Evelyn: Maybe I should join that group..
No, you would want to take a picture of the Mayors arse and send it to everyone in Sunset Valley. I am not having you arrested. Although you would make more friends if you were in a group - no , just no!
 Lets end this chapter with Yukio and Eve dreaming about babies ;3
I am not evil I swear
I'm sorry about not taking much pics of Yukio, he's been in work mostly.
Next chapter something interesting happens....or two ;)
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