Sunday, 11 August 2013

So I decided to upload straight away. Might as well keep up :)

                         Um..okay then? Anyway, they were getting robbed, on their first night. -.-
                                         Then this guy decided he would age up before leaving.
                                                                    Happy Birthday?
                                                  Burglar: I was getting my own present.
                                                                       Yeah right.
Evelyn woke Yukio up after she spotted the burglar outside of the window.
They automatically hugged :3 <3
Yukio: I'm only hugging you so I can have a nice lunch for work tomorrow *derpy derp*
Evelyn: Fuck of Yukio, I'm going to spit in your sandwich if you don't protect me.
They both called the police, Yukio you wimp.
Policeman: Why did you call the police when there is nobody here? You kids and your pranks!
Woah there. Yukio is telling the truth. The burglar had a nice age up though.
Yukio: I-I'm sorry! I am telling the truth I swear! He aged up in front of out house and he had a noise maker that he probably stole too! My wife saw him with her own eyes!
Yukio: I-I'm not go-going to get arrested am I?
Who can arrest someone with that cute face standing in octopus underwear?!
Policeman: No but you will go to court.
Well geez, don't look so happy about it.
Yukio: dontcrydontcrydontcrydontcry
Aww look at your liccle work uniform!
Yukio: Why do I have to do the dishes?
Because you promised your wife you would let her sleep in after last night. 

Um, you could of just pulled your sleeves up..
Yukio: Well to fuckin' late now my sleeves are wet and I have to go to work soon *continues mumbling*
Evelyn: Hehehe I'm a turtle.
Now for a Evelyn spam.
Evelyn: Blah, blah, blah.
Evelyn: Jazz Hands!
Evelyn: Your cheating on me?! SOMEBODY CUE THE EASTENDERS THEME!
Oh gawd
Evelyn: What are you looking at you weirdo?
One does not simply call their Creator/Godess/Creeper a weirdo.
Evelyn: They see me rollin', they hatin'.
Lovely. Wait Boyd. Don't speed up. No.
Evelyn: Hey best friend. What. Is. That.
Justine: Oh its my son, isn't he.....lovely.
Baby Keaton: Derpy
Aww look at her uniform.
This was not planned.
Justine: Wtf happened?
Lets leave these two lovebirds to get it ooon ;)
Yukio: Hehehehehe
Evelyn: Excuse me, you just - oh :)
Yukio: And you see that star there?
Evelyn: Yer
Yukio: I bought it and named it Eve, just for you.
Evelyn: You didn't have to Yukio, we hardly have money as it is.
Yukio: I did have to, I wanted to treat you, and I never got you a wedding gift.
Evelyn: Yukio?

Yukio: Mhm
Evelyn: I love you
Yukio: I love you too
The next morning, Eve started feeling really clammy and weird.
Evelyn: Am I dying?
Not on my watch your not.
Evelyn: Well that's a baby.
Well that's a baby indeed.
And that's why I'm ending it here :)
Question of the chapter: Who is your favourite, Evelyn or Yukio? :)


  1. You had a burglar age up?! WHAT?! How is that even possible?! I don't... I just...

    Yay! Baby on the way! I like Evelyn because she's craazy and pretty. Not that Yukio isn't, he's cute, but he isn't so much fun.

  2. I love the fact that your burglar aged up and then ran away before the cops came, it's just so sims!

    Hooray for babies, I think I like Evelyn better so far, but we've seen a lot more of her so far...

  3. @gemly_teddie Yup, it's possible now. I wanted to cry when I found him but I ended up laughing instead....:p Yay I know I cant wait for the baby. Evelyns based of my friend with the hair and her craziness. Eve is my liccle baby :3

    @AliH I love the fact because it made me laugh instead of cry :3 I will try to get more pics of Yukio but he is just a bore, in work or reading. He is a cute one though...